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sarah jones

Sarah, initially a registered Nurse, qualified as a midwife in 1994 in Greenwich London where she practised caseload midwifery in the surrounding areas of Thamesmead and Lewisham. She moved back to her home in Manchester to be nearer family. She continued in her Midwifery career whilst raising her two children which included homeschooling. No doubt, a very busy time!

Sarah sees herself as an experienced clinician having worked within all areas of the maternity service, both hospital and the home environment. Sarah has long supported both women and midwives through her role as Supervisor of Midwives which she then transitioned to the Professional Midwives Advocacy role in 2017.

Sarah believes that self-employed Midwifery should be a viable alternative for all midwives who wish to deliver care in this way. Women should also have the opportunity to choose their own Midwife and have the true continuity of carer which has proven beyond doubt to be the safest form of maternity care.

IMUK is an organisation that supports self-employed midwives, providing members with a wide range of resources and expertise. Sarah joined IMUK in 2019, and in 2020 was invited to board membership to which she accepted. Her vision for IMUK is to continue to build on becoming a shining beacon for the Midwife Practitioner, in all its full range of skill and midwifery expertise, where women from all backgrounds will also be able to access. Sarah will be utilising her Professional Midwifery Advocacy skills alongside other projects she is involved in:- Education through Making the Move workshops, and supporting Clinical Governance within the organisation.