Professional Midwife Advocacy Service

Restorative Support and AEQUIP. 

Are you an independent midwife or doula seeking support in your everyday practice? At IMUK, we understand that being an independent practitioner can sometimes feel isolating. You’re no longer accountable to an employer but to your clients, yourself, and the NMC. This newfound freedom can be liberating, allowing you to practice in your unique way, but it also comes with its own set of challenges.

Restorative Clinical Support: Your Path to Renewal

What is Restorative Support?

Restorative Support is tailored for professionals facing emotionally demanding workloads, including midwives and doulas. Through group sessions and one-on-one meetings, we aim to reduce stress and burnout, enabling you to make clearer decisions.

Why Restorative Clinical Support?

Our approach prioritizes your capacity to engage in clinical and supportive work, preventing you from becoming overly absorbed. It maintains situational awareness, safeguarding against practicing beyond your scope.

Who Can Benefit?

Restorative Clinical Support is not just for those under stress. It has proven effective in various professions, from Mental Health to Teaching. As a midwife or doula, having a dedicated space to reflect on your experiences is essential for delivering exceptional care.

How Does it Help?

As an independent practitioner, you face unique challenges—juggling complex clients, coordinating with NHS providers, managing time, and more. Our PMAs facilitate discussions, reflections, and supportive challenges, helping you navigate through challenges and build resilience.

AEQUIP: Empowering You to Grow

Through AEQUIP, our PMAs offer restorative supervision, supporting you in furthering your education, updating skills, or engaging in Quality Improvement within your practice.

Why Choose IMUK?

Our Professional Midwife Advocates, Sarah Jones and Janie Al Alawi, are experienced midwives with accredited Level 7 training for the PMA role. We utilize proven methods like Reciprocity and Appreciative Enquiry to facilitate your growth.

Confidentiality is Key

Rest assured, all sessions are strictly confidential. Your PMA is here to support you as an equal, without any assumed expertise or hierarchy.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

  • One-to-One sessions: 1 hour
  • Group Sessions: 1.5 hours

No need to prepare an agenda. We believe in an open space where discussions naturally flow.

Join Us for RCS Sessions

Meet us at existing contact meetings: Huddles, AGM, and Making the Move Workshops. Stay tuned for bimonthly RCS drop-ins (initially online).

For personalized sessions, reach out to us:


Let’s embark on this journey towards renewal and growth together.

the benefits of joining imuk

Joining IMUK connects you to a UK wide network of independent midwifery professionals with one being your own mentor, who will support you with unrivalled clinical knowledge and experience.

You’ll also be supporting our work to ensure that autonomous practice continues for the midwives and families of the future.

"I never feel I am practising alone, I have found my “Tribe”. I know I can call upon my IMUK colleagues day or night"
Amanda Garside, Independent Midwife