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March 25, 2016

A Worldwide Journey for Mother and Midwife – Day 5

Day 5 – Paperwork, Preparations and a Pool “Please” I woke up saying “please let’s have a relaxed day of no restaurants, lunches, trips out, family visits, discussions or debates”. I am exhausted with the loveliness of it all. The best thing is I slept quite well so I am feeling much better than the […]


March 24, 2016

A Worldwide Journey for Mother and Midwife – Day 4

Day 4 – Food, Glorious Food I am not sure if it is jet lag or just insomnia but I managed at most around 5 hours sleep last night and woke this morning feeling very tired, muggy and with a thick headache. I wondered if I could get through the day! Sunia served me a […]


March 23, 2016

A Worldwide Journey for Mother and Midwife – Day 3

Day 3 – A Trip to the Shops Thinking I had escaped it, jet lag hit hard last night and, following a period of insomnia, I struggled to wake this morning at 10.30 and did so with a muggy head. Mornings in this household are late and unhurried, so it compliments my current cycle and, […]


March 22, 2016

A Worldwide Journey for Mother and Midwife – Day 2

Day 2- Birth Plans I woke up this morning wondering what the day ahead would hold as I was going with Sofia to consult with a doctor. Sofia wants a home VBAC but her extended family are not supportive due to worries about safety. Pakistanis, no matter how westernised, are very patriarchal, and when a […]


March 21, 2016

A Worldwide Journey for Mother and Midwife – Day 1

DAY 1 – Touchdown in Karachi  It is not one but two flights I was about to embark on, and although I usually love travelling, on this occasion I wasn’t looking forward to the long journey ahead. The journey and adventure I was about to go on was not without worry and trepidation especially having […]


March 25, 2015

It isn’t only pregnant women who end up traumatised after watching ‘One Born Every Minute’, it’s midwives too.

At the BJM awards recently, where excellence in midwifery was being celebrated, something was made apparent when a guest speaker mentioned the dreaded ‘One Born Every Minute’ TV programme … yup it was made clear that amongst the midwives in the room the common opinion was that the programme was worthy of nothing more than […]


February 18, 2015

Bartering; care over cash

Think independent midwives are out of your reach? Think again! Some are open to creative offers and the age-old custom of bartering. Virginia Howes is one of them…   The saddest thing for me as an independent midwife is the fact that some women, no matter how hard they budget or save,  cannot afford to […]


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