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July 9, 2015

I wanted a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC)

In 2012, I was pregnant with my first child and despite a mildlybicornuate uterus, I enjoyed a low risk pregnancy; I had a great community midwife and had planned a homebirth. A few days before my due date, I began to have itchy skin; a blood test indicated that I may have obstetric cholestasis (the diagnosis was never confirmed), but at 39 weeks, immediate delivery was advised and I was […]


January 27, 2015

An uncomplicated, serene and beautiful homebirth

Sonja When i think of the birth of my second child, Soul Lucian Gray, born 6 days ago, I am filled with such gratitude. gratitude for an experience that will stay with me forever. Having had a home birth the 1st time round, which left me rather traumatised,  I now realise how important it is […]


December 11, 2014

Samuel’s birth didn’t go to plan, I am so glad I had an independent midwife

I am so thankful to have had Kay as our midwife, especially as Samuel’s birth didn’t go quite as planned and after a long labour at home, he was eventually born by caesarean section. I healed quickly physically and had peace of mind and closure emotionally and mentally, knowing I could ask Kay questions as […]


December 11, 2014

I wanted to guarantee continuity of care

Our daughter was born in Switzerland where we received continuity of care with the same doctor and midwife for both antenatal and postnatal check-ups as well as during labour, so we were rather concerned when I fell pregnant again having moved back to the UK. I started having my scheduled check-ups with the local community […]


November 10, 2014

I knew that I needed to birth at Home

I chose to have independent midwives for the birth of my second son, and I’m so happy that I did! During my first pregnancy, I planned to have a home birth with the local NHS hospitals’ home birth team.  I was always calmly confident that I would be able to give birth in my own […]


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