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Tara Windmill-Robson

I’m hooked on reading anything to do with pregnancy, birth, and love networking, speaking to women about their maternity care choices.

Being in labour with a midwife who had grown into a friend is the best experience I could have hoped for.

As a midwife I have worked in busy NHS hospitals and in the community.  As an ‘independent midwife’, there are no time constraints of a busy NHS system, there is true continuity of care & the guarantee of a midwife to attend every home birth.

I now spend quality time properly getting to know the women and the families I care for. I don’t have to rush and only carry a small caseload of women who chose me to be their midwife.
I feel so much more satisfaction supporting women completely with their pregnancy and birth choices. I LOVE being a midwife and think it’s the best job in the world!

You have the perfect balance of medical information, training and competence as well as a holistic and more natural approach to care which totally suited our needs. You are really personable, which made us feel relaxed in your care. And we love that you are so totally passionate about what you do.

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