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Julia Duthie

I offer midwifery care tailored to your needs, in your own home. My role includes helping you to be in optimum health on all levels as you bring your baby into the world. I will provide you with research and information, empowering you to make choices to create the birth and welcome that you wish to give your baby.

I will help you to listen to your body, your baby and your intuition, and do my utmost to keep your baby’s birth as normal and as intervention free as you wish and as your and your baby’s safety allows. Your birth wishes are at the heart of the care I provide.

I was blessed to have Julia as my midwife during my pregnancy. I’m sure that no one else could have supported me on such an intimate and sacred journey in the way that she did.

I have trained in various therapies that can help you prepare for your baby’s birth. These include craniosacral therapy, nutritional therapy, kinesiology, birth and prenatal therapy, family constellation therapy and emotional freedom technique. I am very happy to support you and your partner with your physical, emotional and psychological preparation for baby’s arrival.

I am experienced in water birth, vaginal birth following caesarean, lotus birth and intervention free birth. I welcome women whose previous birth experiences have been difficult or traumatic. I have books, CDs, DVDs, homeopathic birth kit and a birth pool available for you to use.

I feel passionately about birth being a positive life experience, with your baby as a conscious participant. I will support you both to make this huge life transition in a way that is safe, empowering and as enjoyable as possible.

Julia has a way of working which is deeply caring and takes into account the emotional and spiritual needs of mother and child, she gave us time; she gave us however long we needed to talk about our fears and hopes and she was committed to getting to know both of us as people…She has a gift of listening and caring that is rare indeed.

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