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Our Conference is hard hitting and maybe uncomfortable to hear for some, but it must be discussed! Why are Black and Brown women more likely to die in labour and birth? Why are women, receiving maternity care, feeling bullied and abused? Is bullying a problem amongst midwives, are our students feeling bullied - if so why? Obstetric violence, where did it start? Why did it start? Why is it still part of the culture? Femicide is on the increase, what can we do to spot the red flags and signpost the victim to safety. How secure is our right to access reproductive health care? Can a USA style catastrophe occur here in the UK? What can we do now to get in front of the very real possibility? All of the above stems from a global culture of violence against women and girls. We have invited the most dynamic and effective experts in all these fields to come and talk to their concerns. Join the conversation so you can be part of the very real solutions that start with recognising the problem. We hear what is being said to those accessing maternity services - "It doesn't happen where I work" - the evidence says it does. Be part of the solution! […]
Making The Move workshops are run by established Independent Midwives (IMs) who are self-employed members of IMUK (Independent Midwives UK). We are dedicated and passionate about providing excellence in maternity care. Check out our main website for more info and the latest updates on Independent Midwifery in the UK. Some feedback comments from Midwives who […]