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About IMUK

IMUK is the membership organisation for independent midwives in the UK.

All of our full members work autonomously and support women with the very best evidence-based care and on a one-to-one basis, a model of care proven time and time again to be best for women and their babies.

Protecting the rights of women to choose this care and of midwives to work independently is something we feel very proud of, but our work doesn’t end there.

Professional autonomy for midwives has to be the norm rather than the exception.

Midwifery remains under threat. In order to protect normal birth, the full range of birthing choices for women and the profession itself, we need to change.

Professional autonomy for midwives has to be the norm rather than the exception.

Midwives must reclaim their role and the full range of midwifery expertise must be protected and propagated for the benefit of women and midwives of the future.

IMUK has an important role to play.

Through our growing membership, links to midwifery education bodies and our own research and training, we are building a strong and supportive organisation that will help safeguard authentic midwifery both in and out of the NHS whilst standing beside our members as they walk with the women in their care.

And in order that we never find our autonomy at risk again we will take the advice of Abraham Lincoln who said, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.”

What we do

All of our members are highly trained and skilled practitioners offering the type of midwifery care proven to be best for women and their babies.

For IMUK, ‘independent’ does not mean ‘alone’.

By connecting and supporting our members via online forums, training workshops and events, we represent a UK wide network of independent practitioners able to discuss the latest research, best clinical practice or just say hello!

We’re here to explain what differentiates independent midwifery and to champion the excellence in case that they represent, both for any midwife interested in independent practice and any woman exploring her birthing options.

And we’re here to try and change things for the better. To lobby for the role of the autonomous midwife for the benefit of the profession and families alike.

Giving midwives and mothers a voice

We are active on your behalf politically too. Worldwide, there is a palpable threat to midwifery and midwives in their freedom to provide midwifery services and midwifery models of care. This is despite the acknowledgment that this care leads to better outcomes for most women. IMUK is a force for change and we work to safeguard independent midwifery and the full range of birthing options for women and their families now and in the future.


“The freedom to practice according to the Midwives’ rules made independent practice rewarding in a way that I had not felt as an employee.”

Mary Cronk MBE, Independent midwife

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