Sarah Flower

My aim is to make your transition towards a growing family magical. I want to help you realise what you are capable of and leave you with positivity about your pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience. I am passionate about truly individualised care where you feel in control even if your journey is not as you originally planned.

Sarah showed me I have the strength to achieve anything, if I can birth my VBAC baby in a pool in my dining room, I can do anything!

I have worked in and out of the NHS and am most comfortable outside of the NHS where I can provide the enhanced level of care through continuity of carer that I believe all women should be able to access. I have worked for One to One Midwives and now independently; this way of working is what feels right where I can get to know the families I work with and tailor the care I provide to your needs.

Sarah helped me achieve what I never thought possible. I have breastfed this my fourth baby, for 6 months and counting (I didn’t get past a week with my first three children).

I enjoy accessing the research behind guidelines, local policies and routine care meaning that I provide care based on the best available evidence rather than blindly following “the norm”. I have a particular interest in the impact our previous experiences of pregnancy, birth and early mothering have on us and with this in mind I offer birth debriefing services both as part of a full package of midwifery care as well as individually. I am also a qualified baby wearing consultant, massage therapist and baby massage instructor.