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Carole Goddard

My interest and passion for midwifery really commenced with the birth of my daughter. I received excellent training and experience working within a North London Trust and the community of Haringey, however I became disillusioned with the financial pressures, fragmented care and politics within the NHS, seeking an alternative way of working and caring for women and families during the most important and life changing period of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.

Alex and I look back at the birth of our son Charlie with pleasure; we had a sense of control which generated calmness throughout our labour and birth, and this was due to the professional support of Carole and Tracy – our Independent Midwives. Throughout the pregnancy they had provided up to date and carefully researched information that fully dealt with all our questions and anxieties and helped us to build a vision of our desired birth. Although all did not go according to plan – Charlie turned head up in the final stage – we felt confident and protected within the hospital environment. Our postnatal meetings have been fantastic – personally, as a new Mummy I have looked forward to. I would not dream of having my second baby without them!

Ashleigh McKenzie

In 2007 I joined an Independent Midwifery Practice (The Birth Centre Ltd) as an employee to enable me to provide the care which is central to my philosophy for midwifery, working with women and families, having the time to really get to know them, and build strong, trusting relationships. I believe that this relationship is vital to empower the expectant family in making informed choices, leading to positive pregnancies, birth experiences and socialising their transition to parenthood.

When The Birth Centre closed in 2010, I was certain that I could not relinquish this wonderfully satisfying way of working and deny women the benefits of ‘knowing your midwife’, a service which is not widely available within the NHS. I was therefore motivated to join forces with my like-minded colleagues and form Phoenix Independent Midwives, where I am able to offer continuity, individualised care, empower women with the knowledge that will enable them to make their own informed choices thus leading to positive birthing experiences and positive transition to parenthood.

In 2012 I qualified as a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and subsequently have been able to train to assess for tongue tie and carry out frenotomy (division of tongue tie). This has meant that I am able to provide a full breastfeeding support service to families, from antenatal preparation to natural term weaning.
I feel privileged to support women and families, accompanying them on their journey and helping them to achieve their birthing, parenthood and breastfeeding goals.

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