Hannah Beety

I became a midwife because I am certain that high quality, personalised care gives women and their babies the best start. When I was having my own children, I realised that the opportunity to be given the care I really needed just wasn’t there, so I’ve made it my mission as a Midwife to properly listen; and act on my client’s wishes.

Hannah is, quite simply, an excellent Midwife. I put off having a baby for ten years because I was so scared. Hannah made everything seem much less scary, she made me believe in myself, my husband and my baby.

I’m friendly and chatty, but absolutely serious about you having the best possible experience through pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks after. My practice as a Midwife is thoughtful, respectful and honest; I take into account previous experiences, personal situations and preferences, recently I have been working with several LGBTQ clients and families. I offer completely individualised care, including bespoke full care packages, one-off consultations and postnatal support sessions.

Hannah has been there more me in every possible way.

I have birth pools available for clients to borrow and I’ve completed additional courses in aromatherapy and alternative therapies for pregnancy and birth, these are available to my clients at no extra charge. I also assist in facilitating the Emergency Skills and Drills training days at a local hospital and have undertaken further training to do that.