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Our Conference is hard hitting and maybe uncomfortable to hear for some, but it must be discussed! Why are Black and Brown women more likely to die in labour and birth? Why are women, receiving maternity care, feeling bullied and abused? Is bullying a problem amongst midwives, are our students feeling bullied - if so why? Obstetric violence, where did it start? Why did it start? Why is it still part of the culture? Femicide is on the increase, what can we do to spot the red flags and signpost the victim to safety. How secure is our right to access reproductive health care? Can a USA style catastrophe occur here in the UK? What can we do now to get in front of the very real possibility? All of the above stems from a global culture of violence against women and girls. We have invited the most dynamic and effective experts in all these fields to come and talk to their concerns. Join the conversation so you can be part of the very real solutions that start with recognising the problem. We hear what is being said to those accessing maternity services - "It doesn't happen where I work" - the evidence says it does. Be part of the solution! […]
New Malden Education Centre is running 2 workshops on Managing Maternity Emergencies in the Pre-Hospital Setting. The 2 sessions will run on Wednesday 20th April 2016 from 9-12pm and 2-5pm. For more information, and to confirm a booking please email
From 1st April 2016 the rubella screening programme for pregnant woman is ending in England. The rationale to end screening for rubella susceptibility includes: rubella infection in the UK is at a level defined as eliminated by the World Health Organisation screening for rubella susceptibility in pregnancy does not give any protection to the unborn […]
IMUK are delighted to announce that Independent Midwives have secured a cost cap on challenging the NMC ruling preventing IMUK members from working and offering support and care to women and their families. Mr Justice Ouseley – a very senior High Court judge agreed that the case was of public interest, was arguable, was suitable […]
Following the tragic news story about parents in El Salavdor being given the wrong baby by the hospital, IMUK’s Virginia Howes was interviewed by BBC Radio 2. She discussed the importance of mother and baby not being separated at any time after birth, both so they can spend important time bonding, and also to ensure no babies […]
Following discussion and speculation on social media and elsewhere we would like to confirm that there are some alternative forms of insurance available to independent midwives (IMs). This is very positive news and means that a good number of IMs can support women and families through birth. Please check on FIND A MIDWIFE and […]
Making The Move workshops are run by established Independent Midwives (IMs) who are self-employed members of IMUK (Independent Midwives UK). We are dedicated and passionate about providing excellence in maternity care. Check out our main website for more info and the latest updates on Independent Midwifery in the UK. Some feedback comments from Midwives who […]
Independent midwives UK (IMUK) today announced the launch of a pilot scheme in conjunction with the University of Greenwich which will see second year midwifery students gain experience of caseloading alongside an independent midwife. Following the application process, six students have been selected for the pilot and will spend 190 hours over a period of […]
Midwives – Simply The Best: IMUK 2016 National Conference IMUK is hugely excited to announce our first National Conference! The event will take place on Saturday 12th November 2016 at Eastwood Hall in Nottinghamshire. Confirmed Speakers Include: Peggy Vincent – Author of “Baby Catcher” Elizabeth Prochaska – Founder of Birthrights Beverly Turner – Radio […]
Lansinoh, the leading brand for medical grade lanolin nipple cream, are concerned about potential confusion for nursing mothers regarding the recent launch of a nipple cream using very similar packaging to their well known purple box and tube. As most mothers who have benefitted from using award winning HPA Lansinoh will tell you their product […]